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Average Salaries for Jobs in Sales

Average Salaries for Jobs in Sales

Sales Salaries

By Amanda Frank
Monster Contributing Writer

Do you know what your sales skills are worth? We’ve appraised all kinds of fun sales related jobs (some of them don’t even involve selling!) using Monster’s Salary Wizard powered by and to come up with national average salaries for you.

Most of these jobs ask for 5-7 years of relevant experience, unless otherwise indicated.

Use this list to help you ballpark the salary you should be making or asking for during an interview. Keep in mind that the data used to obtain the average might not be a representative sample of every city in Canada.

Salaries show average base plus bonuses. For the obvious commission-driven ones, we’ve broken it down to show how much bonuses can beef up a base salary.

Sales Title25th Percentile50th Percentile75th Percentile
Sales Manager (Base +Bonus)$69,404$82,714$121,181
Sales Manager (Base only)$62,914 $74,841 $90,952
 Sales Rep (Base + Bonus) $52,403 $62,725 $77,346
 Sales Rep (Base only) $44,643 $52,191 $61,013
 Senior Sales Rep (Base +Bonus) $69,220 $82,019 $104,490
 Senior Sales Rep (Base only) $59,632 $69,264 $80,705
 Technical Sales Rep I (Base + Bonus) $41,200 $46,596 $58,367
 Technical Sales Rep I (Base only) $38,503 $41,323 $48,558
 Technical Sales Rep II (Base + Bonus) $52,359 $60,942 $71,610
 Technical Sales Rep II (Base only) $48,067 $56,038 $62,046
 Technical Sales Rep III (Base + Bonus) $60,207 $71,365 $89,881
 Technical Sales Rep III (Base only) $55,547 $62,169 $75,044
All these salaries all include bonuses:

Non Sales Titles25th Percentile50th Percentile75th Percentile
Key Accounts Rep$65,573$81,579$95,299
Inside Sales Manager$93,805$102,633$115,999
Real Estate Manager$76,262$93,314$123,626
District Sales Manager$76,782$96,870$119,371
Retail Store Manager$47,904$49,688$53,683
Sales Clerk$30,255$33,930$37,850
Order Desk Clerk$33,402$37,787$42,946
Customer Service Rep$33,749$37,827$43,624
Customer Service Manager$62,706$73,225$87,404
Business Solutions Specialist$55,366$65,288$73,740
Sales and Marketing Director$103,796$117,507$137,393
Advertising Manager
Market Research Manager$72,148$89,296$107,425
Sales Training Manager$82,636$108,612$120,376